Hi I am Feyza, a product designer with a focus on cross-platform research, interaction, and usability.

I currently work on design systems at Paraşüt and co-organizing at Kanvas.

Highlights ↓


Frame is an end-to-end financial experience system for Paraşüt and Mikrogrup companies. Currently, I operate the design system team — from building to aligning the project itself.


Paraşüt, accounting management 

Extended inventory management feature collection for retailers I designed past 2 years.


I gave a talk about handoff process at product teams, design collaboration and creating design specs practices.

A community where digital product designers from different disciplines come together. I'm one of the organizers. I also designed the community website and its branding.

Projects & Recognitions ↓

Omni: A haptic canvas enhancing co-creation for visually impaired individuals

A CHI 2019 Student Design Competition submission, addressing to support that people from all masses are free to be in interaction and experience art.

Lane: Building trust between autonomous vehicles and pedestrians

Lane is a graduation project, offers a concept of augmented reality interface to create a sense of trust between autonomous vehicles and pedestrians.

Community Advocating at Friends of Figma, Istanbul

I was the official former Community Advocate for Figma. We held events about product design practices — also empowered the local Figma users to bring close to each other.

I was the guest and gave talk about product design in general, also my design career. (In Turkish)

I publish a open small-scale resources in my spare time. Currently, total downloads hit over 10k. 

Writing ↓

Designing the experience with haptic feedback engines

I currently exploring the capabilities of haptic feedback and these engines. Publishing will be soon.

Info ↓

I am a designer with a system thinking mindset, seeking the best for emerging technologies. Communication Design alum. Tech nerd. Ambivert. 


Portfolio always in beta — feyzaokumus.com, 2022

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